Derek Dodge

Former CNN producer. Mainer, forever New Yorker, knowledge junkie, film buff, space geek, tech obsessed. Back in 2005, I was a cast member on the Travel Channel series "Five Takes Europe."


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We’re excited to announce that Derek Dodge has just joined as our Director of Social Media. Derek will be managing all things on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr (lots of blip-ers will still be posting to our Tumblr, but he’ll be managing it).

Derek joins us from CNN, where he was the Social Media Producer for CNN Domestic, including managing #CNNtv during the Royal Wedding and #CNNDebate during the recent NH Presidential debate. He also managed @CNN and trained CNN producers and anchors on all things social media. 

At blip, we’re committed to making it easy for people to discover the best in original series. You’ll now see us increasingly use social media to put the best shows in front of you.  Here’s to you finding a series or two or 20 that you love, thanks to his efforts. And, welcome to the blip world, Derek! 

"Without question, the promotion and management of this hashtag was a huge success."

This viewer tweet about jobs was put into a lower third banner and read to the candidates by our moderator John King. The big win: Rep. Michele Bachmann responded to it. A first in presidential debate history?!

Our “social media wall” at the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate. We designed this wall to showcase real-time viewer feedback. I moderated and approved select comments and questions from Facebook, Twitter and for display in the visualization.

#CNNDebate as No. 2 worldwide trending topic on Twitter (behind a promoted hash tag) - my second worldwide TT for CNN!

My blog post for CNN’s Political Ticker about how we’re incorporating social media into the NH GOP presidential debate!

EP Sam Feist explains our plan for integrating social media into the NH GOP presidential debate!

It’s got more bells and whistles than a video game and could send the candidates into anaphylactic shock

Smiling at the #CNNdebate!

CNN is using social media to build interactivity into the Republican presidential candidates debate Monday night, an approach it hopes to expand over the next 18 months of campaign coverage.

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